Confirmation Forms

Requirements for Confirmation  (You will find all forms at the bottom of the page)

The Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist – are intimately bound together and form a single initiation by which persons enter into the life of faith and more fully realize their role in the mission and ministry of the Church. While the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is normative and serves as a model for all sacramental preparation, the pastoral reality is that for those faithful who were baptized as infants, Confirmation often marks the completion of their initiation into the Body of Christ. The sacrament of Confirmation is a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the candidate to strengthen their baptismal vocation and to awaken the gifts necessary for active participation in the life of the Church. In the scriptures, the Holy Spirit bestowed upon the apostles the gift of courage: to tell the Good News, to share the faith, to boldly proclaim the “mighty deeds of God who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9). It is imperative that every disciple seek out the gifts of the Spirit offered gratuitously through the sacrament of Confirmation.

Requirements to be confirmed at St. Bernard Catholic Church

  1. Baptized Catholic (If the students have NOT been baptized at a Catholic Church IMMEDIATELY see Mrs. Martinez. There are different requirements needed for those students)
  2. Active & Practicing Catholic: Starting this fall, teens must be regularly attending weekend Mass. Each student will be given a box of envelopes which will be put in the collection bin. That envelope serves as their Mass attendance. 3 Masses are allowed to be missed only.
  3. Attendance at Confirmation sessions: Each candidate may miss TWO classes ONLY. Attendance at the retreat CANNOT be missed and does NOT count as a missed session, as long as evidence is given that you have attended another retreat at a different parish.
  4. Completion of Confirmation Interview: Please see the attached Confirmation Interview to be returned to Mr. Francisco. All students must submit this by October 9th.
  5. Confirmation name & Saint Report: Candidates are confirmed under a Saint Name of their choosing. (Parents PLEASE let them choose a Saint THEY LIKE and not one by you) They can also select their baptismal name (If a Catholic Name was given). It is strongly encouraged for candidates to select a saint or blessed person to study and emulate as a patron for confirmation. I have attached a sample Saint Report to be included for the Saint Report Assignment to be turned in to Mr. Francisco. All students must submit this by October 23
  6. Archbishop Letter: Candidates must write a one to two page letter to the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Miami (I will not give you his name so that a little research goes behind this) The letter must consist of your name. The Saint you have selected for Confirmation and the reason why you want to be confirmed. Be honest; be real, and to the point. You can write practically anything your heart desires but please cover those 3 points stated. I have attached a sample letter and it is to be turned in to Mr. Francisco. All students must submit this by November 13
  7. Sponsor Form: Parishes are to assist parents in their role as primary catechist of their children by offering appropriate and concurrent faith formation opportunities for the parents of youth preparing for Confirmation. A parent or legal guardian may not serve as sponsor for his/her child. It is generally not advisable for a spouse, fiancée, boyfriend, or girlfriend, to serve as sponsor. The parent’s role is to support the teens as they prepare for Confirmation.  The parents also may play an active in role in ensuring that the teens have a Confirmation sponsor, and that the teens and sponsor are connected during the Confirmation preparation period. I have attached the Sponsor Form and it is to be turned in to Mr. Francisco. All students must submit this by December 18



  • The Role of the Sponsor:


  1. The sponsor must be a fully initiated Catholic, having been baptized, confirmed, and received their first Eucharist, who leads a life in keeping with the role to be taken on. The full initiation of the sponsor is to be verified. Verification of full initiation is to be provided by the proposed sponsor to the Mrs. Martinez, by means of a Sponsor Certificate for Confirmation. (I have Attached the Sponsor Certificate to be filled out by the selected Sponsor’s Church) The selection of sponsors is to be based on appropriate lifestyle, participation in the Catholic faith, and the ability to provide the nurturing supportive role expected of a sponsor.
  2. The sponsor is to be at least 16 years of age and sufficiently mature for the role. 3. The sponsor must be free to celebrate the sacraments and not bound by any canonical penalty. 4. If the sponsor is unable to participate in the celebration of confirmation, a proxy may be designated. (The sponsor or proxy must attend rehearsal)
  3. Confirmation Retreat: The Confirmation Retreat is mandatory (please see calendar for retreat date). If for whatever reason the student cannot attend it is the parent’s responsibility to find another Catholic Parish that is hosting the retreat and call them to sign up and have permission to attend their retreat. (Please note other Parishes do the retreat over a two day weekend and will charge you THEIR retreat price.) Once you have the permission to attend their retreat email Mrs. Martinez. I will require an ORIGINAL letter from the Director of Religious Education stating the student attended the retreat. The letter must have the Church Seal in order to be recognized as original.
  4. 25 Hours of Community Service: The Confirmation students are required to have performed 25 hours of community service. 20 of those hours MUST be for our Parish (St. Bernard) and the other 5 can be done outside of the Parish. I am attaching the Log that must be signed by the person allowing you to perform these hours. Please see the CCD Calendar for many volunteer opportunities. If none of those are feasible for you because of scheduling reasons or other reasons, it will be your responsibility to seek the hours by asking our different Parish ministries if they need volunteers. Check out the Bulleting EVERY Sunday and you will see where you are needed. I have attached some ministries that need your help! All students must submit this by February 26th
  5. Full Tuition Payment: The Parents must have paid the tuition in full by February 26th

Forms Needed:

confirmation-interview  Due by October 9th.

saint-report-and-poster Due by October 23rd . an-example-of-a-saint-report

guidelines-for-archbishop-letter Due by November 13th.

sponsor-form December 18th .


community-service-report-and-log Due by February 26th.


Confirmation Retreat information:

Retreat date is February 3rd from 9:45am-6pm. Retreat starts promptly at 10am but I am asking all students to arrive between 9:30am-9:45am.

A continental breakfast will be available until 10am fro the students only. Lunch will be provided. We will be serving pizza, salad, sodas and cookies. If the student cannot eat the following, please bring a bagged lunch. The cost of this retreat has already been included in your registration. If for whatever reason the student CANNOT attend this MANDATORY retreat, please email me immediately. It will be the responsibility of the parent to seek another Parish offering the retreat and I will be happy to provide more information on the matter.


We welcome you to attend our retreat! Please email me at: with your interest in attending our February 3rd, 2018 retreat. Please let me know the student name, what Parish are you coming from and the information and email of the Director there so that I may be in communication with them. A cost of $30 per student will be required. Please have a check made out to Saint Bernard Catholic Church. No Credit Cards are accepted. You must email me and I will send the answer to any of your questions via email. Thank You!