All other Grades

This year our teachers and teachers aide are:

Pre-K/Kinder = Mnena Michael/Samantha Mueller

1st Grade/2nd Grade = Carmen Salcedo & Jennifer Perrin/John Perrin

3rd Grade = Lourdes Ramos/Agneris Recio

4th Grade/5th Grade = Christian Pesca & Lisa Harragin

Pre-Confirmation = Yvette Fernarnder/Mrs. Caridad

Communion = Sonia Sanchez

Confirmation = Francisco Martinez/Hermes Sanchez

Parents, please remember classes begin promptly at 10:30am and end at 11:45am . Assist us in making sure that your children are picked up ON TIME and attend the Noon mass with YOU and the rest of the class.

Below are the lessons/things covered each Sunday (Please check regularly):

Coming soon….